Hip Hooray!


We're glad you're here!

I'm Roger Bildsten

I am the past CEO of two respected mid-size kid product companies.

I write and speak...

and I help organizations tell their stories.

Roger Bildsten


I used to be a kid and now I am a husband and father. I attended some good schools and traveled. A lot.

I'm very interested in quality play for kids. I write and speak about the intersection of grownups and organizations in making that happen.


Large gatherings, small groups, keynotes, conferrences, roundtables, panels -- I help organizations define their opportunities and tell their story.

If you would like to see examples of my writing or talk about how we might work together just send me an email.

We are currently working with pandemic restrictions as we enter 2022 but it is still possible to do good work via Zoom and phone -- so don't worry.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Can you tell me about Hip Hooray?

Sure. Hip Hooray LLC, of which Roger Bildsten is the sole owner and founder, was established in 2007. It is the registered parent company of RogerBildsten.com and Grand Grandparent and their related activities inclusive of copyright and trademarks.

Are you an expert?

Sort of. I'm still learning about being a good parent and grandparent -- and I wouldn't dare try to tell anyobdy else how to do it. Promise. But I do know quite a bit about the design, production, manufacturing, and distribution of quality products for kids. My sort-of expertise is expanding in the areas of sustainablility, regenerative supply chains, and multi-generational activity. Few people have done more to study the intersection of organizations and the process of play. I learn more every day.

What might it cost to work with you?

We would mutually agree on a reasonable fee plus any out-of-pocket or travel expenses. I am available to travel worldwide. I can be quite flexible on fees. In addition, I frequently work with non-profit organizations and schools on a pro bono basis. What interests me most is good people with good projects.

Can we talk?

With pleasure. Just send me an email and we'll make it happen.


📞 +1 612 308 9900 ✉️ rogerbildsten@gmail.com